To the person who was running a LesTwinsBucketList IG

Get a tattoo with them ;)


Have a threesome LMAOOOOOO

I think you’d get there faster if you planned on fucking both of them but just not at the same time

Because of the latest vid if Larry! Box with Larry! I would say lau but I seem his moves. Ain't nobody got time for that. Lol

lMAaoooo box like put on the red glove and punch them Box? 

😗Oooo 😗oooo 😗oooo! I got a good one that I haven't seen so if you posted it already😔I haven't seen it and I'm sorreh. But if not😀 for the bucket list. Find out what fragrances they like wearing. And the infamous question that I've been seeing for a while now. Find out what they use to get that glowing flawless skin😄! Yay!

Hell yes